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Personal websites are the treasures of the web. For many reasons. Ranging from philosophy, to esthetics. From creativity to learning. From inspiration to knowledge sharing. Here is collection of personal sites I like myself. - simplicity of the design, color scheme, gradient background. It’s so lovely. - minimalistic but so clear. - I love the logo, colors, menu. - menu and effects are so creative. - one of my all time favorites. Table layouts are so rare an unusual. Everything is so simple and clear. - love the visuals and grid layout and drawings. - love the logo and subtle colorful touch in it. - this bookshelf is perfect. And the site itself is beautiful. Love the command palette as a menu. - another all time favorite. Colors, layouts, small touches - everything works perfectly together. And I’m in love with the stats page - so simple. Sometimes you don’t need anything else. - another one page option. - I’m at the age when I do like photos of people who I follow. - minimalistic blog. I want to see more of these. - this one is pretty famous. It has so many features. Not everyone needs those features but it’s a good example for inspiration. - colors and layouts. That is how you express yourself in terms of form. - Mac OS inspired styling. - moving tree makes it a bit remarkable. - I love this old school aesthetic. I love tables. - modern Notion-like design. - personal journals are so powerful and intimate and inspiring. - it’s a bit empty now. But it changes often and I’ve been following it for many years and like the style a lot. - beautiful collection of photos. - simple modern website that looks like geeky old school one.
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